Woodfibre Insulation Boards.

high compressive strength board, can be applied on a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Structure, timber/Steel frame with an external OSB/Ply layer or on existing masonry structure to receive cladding battens (no brackets required).

also used as a secondary board to increase thickness of primary Pavatex T&G insulation board such as Isolair, Pavatherm-Combi, Diffutherm, Isoroof etc.

must be protected with either Pavatex ADB breathable membrane or Pavatex weather resistance T&G insulation boards such as Isolair, Diffutherm etc.

Board surface is not suitable for render or plaster.

Can be used between studs and rafters.

Product Details

Roof - over or under rafter with a base (ply/OSB). Wall - on to CLT, studs with a base or existing masonry. Floor - between or under joints with a base. For all the external application the boards must be protected by appropriate Pavatex primary external boards or breathable membrane
Subject to primary boards and application
Subject to primary boards and application
Store dry and protected from damage. Only install when dry. Stack no more than 2 pallets on top of each other.

Technical Data

Bulk Density ρ [kg/m³]
Thermal conductivity (EN 13171) λᴰ [W/(mK)]
Vapour diffusion resistance coefficient μ
Compressive stress at 10% compressive deformation [kPa]
Tensile strength perpendicular to plane of board [kPa]

Product Downloads

Pavatherm Declaration of Performance
91 KB
Pavatherm Health and Safety
78 KB
Pavatherm Data Sheet
2 MB
Environmental Product Declaration-Dry Process
2 MB

Pallet Sizes

Available in full or split pallets
Thickn. [mm]Weight [Kg/sqm]Board dim. # [cm]No. of BoardsPallet CoversPer Pallet [Kg]Pallet dim.
[cm] [LxWxH]
Edge Profile
404.60110 x 6011273.92360205 x 120 x 124Flat
606.90110 x 607247.52348205 x 120 x 124Flat
809.20110 x 605636.96360205 x 120 x 124Flat
10011.50110 x 604429.04354205 x 120 x 124Flat
120*13.80110 x 603623.80348205 x 120 x 124Flat
140*16.10108.5 x 58.53220.31360205 x 120 x 124Shiplap
160*18.40108.5 x 58.52817.77360205 x 120 x 124Shiplap
* Only available in full pallet load

Product for System

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Clad

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Render

External Wall Insulation Clad

External Wall Insulation Rendered

Roof Flat