Pavatape FLEX

Stretchable butyl rubber tape for internal or external sealing of PAVATEX-boards and membranes at penetrations and complicated junctions. PAVABASE or PAVAPRIM primer is required when applying on to wood fibre boards and other porous or mineral surfaces.

  • High resistance to ageing
  • Highly flexible and supple
  • Universally shapeable
  • Can absorb the movement of the components
 Box Weight [kg]Roll Length [m]Roll Width [mm]Box Contains [units]
Pavatape Flex10.85808

Product Details

Highly flexible, single-sided adhesive butyl rubber tape for durable, simple taping of PAVATEX-boards and -membranes at penetrations such as rafters, stringers, vapour pipes etc. inside and out. When gluing on wood fibre boards and other porous or mineral surfaces, principally, a prime coat is carried out with PAVABASE or PAVAPRIM.

Technical Data

Butyl rubber tape with stretchable foil carrier
Thickness (mm)
Minimum installation temperature
for base and air [℃] +5, Only with PAVAPRIM [℃] -10
Installation Temperature
Tape [℃] +5 to +40
Temperature Resistance [℃]
-40 to +90

Product Downloads

Pavatape FLEX Health and Safety
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Pavatape Flex Installation Instructions
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Pavatape Flex Data Sheet
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