Pavafix 60/20-40/150

Acrylic adhesive tape for sealing internal OSB/ply or membrane for airtightness. Can be used externally when sheltered. Black in colour.

  • Can be torn by hand
  • Stable shape, the tape cannot be over-stretched
  • High adhesive force
 Box Weight [kg]Roll Length [m]Roll Width [mm]Box Contains [units]Uses
Pavafix 602.825604Flat Joints
Pavatape 20-402.825604Corners
Pavafix 1503.2251502All Purpose

Product Details

For quick, durable, and airtight taping of overlappings and connections of internal membranes and for airtight taping of joints of timber boards (OSB/ply etc.). Very high adhesive power and excellent UV-, ageing- and water-resistance. When gluing on wood fibre boards and other porous or mineral contact areas, a prime coat is carried out with PAVABASE or PAVAPRIM.

Technical Data

Pure acrylic adhesive on a plastic carrier
Thickness (mm)
Minimum installation temperature
for base and air [℃] -5, Only with PAVAPRIM [℃] -10
Installation Temperature
Tape [℃] 0 to +40
Temperature Resistance [℃]
-40 to +90

Product Downloads

Pavafix 60 Installation Instructions
214 KB
Pavafix 60 Health and Safety
68 KB
Pavafix 60,20-40,150 Data Sheet
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