Pavatape: 75/150

Aluminium-Laminated Butyl Rubber Tape

Pavafix 60/20-40/150

Acrylic adhesive tape for sealing internal OSB/ply or membrane for airtightness.

Pavatape FLEX

Stretchable butyl rubber tape for internal or external sealing

Pavatape 12

Universal double sided mastic tape for sealing

Pavafix WIN

Plasterable/renderable airtight tape with fleece surface

Pavafix SN Band Tape

Screw and nail-sealing tape.


Solvent free standard adhesive primer


Solvent-free quick dry primer


Solvent-free adhesive for sealing PAVATEX boards


High strength connection adhesive cartridge

ISO-Bloco 600

High quality joint sealing expansion tape

ISO-Bloco One

3-in-1 solution for 100% joint air-tightness