PVC System Movement Bead

Insulation expansion joint profiles with soft PVC centre

Render Only Compression Joint (Horizontal)

Render only compression joint for thin coat render. Ideally suited to timber framed buildings. The aluminium base section is supplied pre-coated white, but can be powder coated to any colour if required. Corner and Joint products are available on request.

PVC Render Façade Flashing Bead

Render bead to retrofit metal flashing.

Metal Full System Movement Bead

Three part horizontal joint to suit insulation systems

Flashing: EWI Eave Cap

Eaves cap for roofs with no overhang

Ventilation Profiles: Roof Eaves Vent Profiles

Eave vent profiles to go under the counter battens at the eaves.

Reinforcing Mesh

Alkali resistant fibre mesh for render and plaster Insulation system.