Aluminium Base Rail

Base profiles for render insulation system.

PVC Base Rail Drip Clip with Mesh

Drip clip with integrated mesh

PVC Base Profile (Adjustable)

Two part system with built in drip and mesh

PVC Base & Stop Profile

One part PVC base profiles with built in mesh and drip.

Aluminium System Stop Profile

Insulation system stop profile

PVC Window Frameseal Bead (APU Rail)

Self-adhesive PVC profile

PVC Corner ‘Mesh’ Bead

Corner mesh bead with alkali resistance glass fibre mesh wings.

PVC Corner ‘mesh’ bead with nosing

PVC Corner Bead w/ Perforated Wings.

PVC Window Head/Balcony Drip Bead w/Mesh

Window head and balcony corner mesh bead

PVC Render Stop Bead: Meshed Wing

PVC Bell Cast Bead: Perforated Wing

PVC Render Movement Beads: Meshed Wing