The UK’s Largest Passivhaus

NBT Updates

The University of Leicester has just launched a fund raising campaign in order to complete the UK’s largest Passivhaus.

The University’s Centre for Medicine building is an ambitious £42 million pound project which, once completed, will make it the largest Passivhaus building in the UK. The facility is currently spread over numerous locations across Leicester, however the Centre for Medicine aims to create a “hub” for academics, researchers and students.

Achieving Passive Status

Using the air-tightness and insulation features at the core of Passivhaus, the Centre for Medicine will also utilise state of the art ventilation and heat control systems.

People First

Current users of the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology have had a lot of involvement and consultation on the design of the building, and have also learned about how the building will work and how it can be best used. We have previously highlighted the need for all parties involved in the construction and eventual use of a building to be educated on sustainability and provide input into the final product. Click here to find out more about our “People First” approach.


The project has managed to raise £32 million of investment, however in order to be completed in the next academic year, project leaders are looking to raise a further £10 million. More information on the University of Leicester Centre of Medicine appeal can be found here.