Solid Wall Insulation & Warm Up Bristol

NBT Updates

Warm Up Bristol have launched a new planning guide for those considering major improvements to their home.

The Guide to Solid Wall Insulation is a detailed document which aims to help Bristolians make crucial assessments before commencing on home upgrades. There is a short online quiz which asks important questions about the current features and conditions of the building, then provides a suggestion as to what your next step should be.

Striking a Balance

The planning guide is a much longer, in-depth assessment text, but the quiz and this short video from the STBA are a good place to start for reference:

Whole House Approach

The STBA video provides great information and explains the challenges faced when installing solid wall insulation as part of a retrofit. A balance must be struck between the health & comfort of the users, the reduced cost of heating, and the heritage of the building. A “Whole House Approach” is discussed, looking at fabric, people, services and context. NBT are working closely with Bristol City Council to deliver IWI solutions using Pavadry which will work with the four areas outlined.

If you would like more information about the Guide to Solid Wall Insulation and tool, you can get in touch with Warm Up Bristol at or visit their website here.

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