Case Studies

Case Study: SusCon Academy

When we started work on the SusCon Academy (a sustainable construction training institution), our brief was to use specific materials in order to deliver the performance needed. This not only included thermal performance in winter, but prevention of summer overheating with correct acoustics too. Materials The materials that we used in the project were new […]

NBT Updates

The Fabric or People First?

The Fabric First approach to building combines many different principles of energy saving and carbon reduction. The energy and carbon embodied by the building itself, as well as pollution, resource use and a building’s effects on the surroundings all have an impact on the environment. However, putting fabric first only secures the physical sustainability of […]

NBT Updates

What Makes A Good Building

The definition of a “good” building depends on your perspective. What someone needs from a building and what their preferences are will differ from person to person. So instead of trying to pin it down to just one or a set of features, we need to look at what a building gives to us and […]

NBT Updates

Energy Efficiency for Retrofitting

Renovating old buildings and bringing classic designs in line with contemporary standards has high appeal. There are obviously aesthetic benefits to retrofitting, as older constructions have qualities that may not be easily replicated in new builds. Cost and location may also be taken into account. However when choosing the materials used in retrofits there are […]

NBT Updates

Durability and Conservation

All retrofit projects need to consider the balance of improving the durability of a structure and maintaining the conservation of a building. However, the two are not mutually exclusive. Managing Moisture The biggest threat to traditional structures is moisture, as the majority of traditional and heritage buildings have solid walls which are notoriously difficult to […]