Excellent Value

NBT Updates

Natural Building Technologies (NBT) is founded aiming to deliver a better built environment; that is our mission. It is of no interest to us to simply sell products and materials which could potentially be used incorrectly, may not be used in the right situation, or might not be appropriate for a particular person or building.

We want to deliver a better built environment. Better buildings for real people.

Working Together

When a person or organisation approaches us to discuss materials for a project, the first thing we need to do is to understand their aims and what they want to achieve. From there we will help them (if required) and inform them if they don’t fully understand the impact and consequences of the material choice and specification. The idea of a “better building” is dependent on everybody having the same outcome in mind, and understanding what each party wants to achieve. This is why we discuss aspects of materials for a project with the architect, contractor and merchant supplier.


Focus on Comfort

Quite often, the usability or comfort of a building is overlooked. If an individual is living in an uncomfortable building then perhaps this becomes a priority for them, but if a developer is designing a new building their focus may be on regulations and staying within time and financial constraints.

We recognise that these constraints exist, and we appreciate their importance when it comes to building new structures, but comfort and usability are equally as important and should be firmly in the mind of those designing and constructing the building. We look at whether we can deliver a thermal solution for a building which not only meets the criteria brought to us by our client but we also look at how we can create something even better without necessarily incurring additional costs.

Cost Effective

It is a common misconception that sustainable buildings are always expensive. The cost for natural and sustainable materials are actually comparable to traditional systems when delivered as part of a joined up solution. It’s NBT that do the joining up as part of the specification support. Once you factor in the support and training provided by NBT, the monetary investment is often more than returned. Couple this with the fact that our materials and systems are long lasting, high performance and low maintenance, this is where the value lies.