Environmental Sustainability

NBT Updates

Natural Building Technologies sells building shell solutions that are suitable to the location and sustainable. As a product distributor we aim provide specification support that will result in the most efficient building solution.

Our primary concern is how we engage with people at different levels, from the client, contractor, designer and user. We aim to make sure the right products are used in the right location and in the right way, to deliver a better built environment that is sustainable, in the true sense.

At NBT we’ve developed a holistic understanding of building. It’s not good enough to have buildings that are good solely from a carbon, or energy, reduction point of view. If the building is ‘unhealthy’ due to moisture in the fabric or summertime overheating, or if the materials destroy the character of the building then the savings in carbon and energy is just a ‘one dimensional’ solution. Having worked around these themes and issues for over a decade, we have an unrivalled understanding of the different ways that buildings can impact upon people and the natural environment.

Through this understanding we’ve developed approaches to specification support that us to help insure that the designer and contractor can develop and deliver the best buildings.

To ensure a building is as environmentally sustainable as possible, we look at a number of factors and strive for the following:

  • durability
  • natural, renewable materials
  • toxin free
  • very low waste
  • resource efficient
  • full life cycle assessment
  • easy to build and maintain

These factors have a highly commercial incentive as the final product, the building, is of a far higher standard often achieved at the cost of using more traditional materials and techniques.

We rarely work to provide support at just one stage of a project. We like to engage with people at different levels. We will talk to the designer, or client and we also consult and train (where necessary) the contractor so that the final outcome is the best it can be.

As a product distributor NBT believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ which is why our specification support is so important. Anything less and we are doing a disservice to those people involved in building the building, to the building itself and most importantly those who will be using the building.