Airtightness Using Pavatape Flex

NBT Updates

DJP Construction have greatly surpassed the Enerphit airtightness target using Pavatex products.

Exceeding Expectations

DJP achieved exemplary airtightness for an existing building in Cirencester, despite complicated detailing required around penetrating roof trusses. Architects Potter & Holmes, and consultants Greengauge chose Pavatex airtight products to meet the stringent airtightness target. With attention to detail and well thought out strategy however, DJP exceeded expectations with 0.42 airchanges/h(n50).


An “Essential”

Pavatape Flex is elastic butyl rubber tape for sealing boards and membranes at penetrations. When gluing on wood fibre boards and other porous or mineral surfaces, a prime coat is carried out with PAVABASE or PAVAPRIM. James from DJP said: “The Pavatape Flex was essential for all the tricky details”.

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Products used in this project…

Pavatape Flex, Pavabase, Pavaprim