A Healthy Interest in Reducing Unnecessary Plastic

NBT Updates

When you’re passionate about the built environment and how we could make it so much better, it can sometimes be easy to think you’re in a minority of one, pushing water uphill and trying to square and eternal circle.  Today (28 Feb 2019), however, stakeholders from across the construction delivery chain will gather at the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) Healthy Buildings Conference & Expo to pool ideas and share knowledge. It’s a forum where there is boundless enthusiasm to embed sustainability into every aspect of the construction sector, which is why NBT is so proud to be a main event sponsor.

Plastics in Construction

Taking place at London Southbank University’s Keyworth Centre, the annual conference is focussing on one of the world’s hottest topics – the problem of plastic. Entitled ‘Plastics in Construction – issues, impacts and alternatives,’ the event will consider the use of plastics in construction in the context of the health of people and the planet. It will seek to explore how the use of plastics in construction can become more sustainable by:

  • reducing unnecessary use of plastic materials
  • cutting down the 20% of plastic waste that currently comes from the construction sector
  • confining plastic to high value and low volume applications
  • focusing the use of plastic on building elements that enhance both the energy efficiency and lifespan of buildings.

Event Sponsor

As an event sponsor, we will be attending as delegates and, as a company that has pioneered woodfibre insulation, a natural, renewable construction material, we will also be listening to the debate with interest. The concept of using plastic-based products as part of a sustainable approach to creating energy-efficient buildings that last longer is a topic close to our hearts too, however, because it is directly relevant to the use of our Pavatex membranes and tapes to construct more airtight and efficient properties.

Speakers & Discussion

Keynote speakers, environmentalist and yachtswoman, Emily Penn, and Edinburgh Napier University’s Director of Sustainable Construction, Professor Sean Smith, will be addressing the delegates and providing some insights from both an environmental and construction perspective. There will be plenty of opportunity for informal discussion and knowledge sharing however, which is a key benefit of attending an event like this.


Indeed, the value of such events is their ability to bring together people with expertise and a shared faith that positive change in the way we use resources to construct better buildings can happen and has genuine commercial viability. Each will leave the day enthused and informed, ready to amplify those messages in their various roles. For NBT, that’s an initiative worth sponsoring.